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Let the children come to Me

Luke 18:16

At Vertical Leicester we believe that God is relevant to our children, that He has a plan for them too and that God has given us the responsibility to help them know Him. As God is our Father and teaches us, so we also want to teach them to walk and seek Him.

At Vertical Kids groups, children participate in various activities. There they play, learn, sing, but the most important thing is that at Vertical the children listen to God's message in their own way, said by people specially trained to work with children.

Just a few reasons why kids are safe here and you can rest easy.

All those involved are thoroughly evaluated, having recommendations from elders and others in the church.

All teachers and assistants undergo initial and periodic training in safety procedures.

We are careful about allergies that children may have, the only snack we serve consists of fruit.

Every child is different, that's why we relate to them according to
everyone's needs and personalities



We are waiting for you every Sunday from 17:30

On the 3rd Sunday of the month from 3:00 p.m

The address is:

You can contact us at the email address:

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